One of the pluses of being an adult is that we can do something just for the hell of it or just for the pleasure of it. And for me this is knitting shawls.  I have absolutely no purpose for these things, but I just love knitting them.  So when I saw the Willowbank by Ysolda Teague, I just had to have it. Had to.

Ysolda is a new to me designer and I can’t remember how I stumbled across her but I do love her style.  When I received an email awhile back about her releasing her first yarn and a shawl pattern to go with it, I snaffled them both up.. Along with the shawl there is also a gorgeous beanie and a lovely jumper.

Blend No. 1

After receiving the yarn, I jumped right in on starting the shawl. This became my night project whilst sitting on the couch.  It did make the train trip to and from a work a few times as well. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous, nice and soft.

Now I am not an advanced knitter; everything I know I have taught myself, and I found this a nice and easy knit.  There was nothing complicated within the pattern and it was well written. Since discovering Ysolda, I have purchased a few more of her patterns and a “how to” book.  She is very good at explaining things I find for dummies like me.

She impressed me so much that I have joined her 2016 Ysolda Club.  This is a club where you receive a pattern and yarn every 3 months for a year. My first pattern I haven’t made up as yet ( a shawl), but the second one I received is on the needles as I type (hat and fingerless mittens).

It took me just under a month to complete this with 4 days of this trying to dry it. I blocked it over the weekend where the East Coast of Australia got saturated, so it took for ever. I even documented my progress with a #steffswillowbankshawl on instragram:

Here it is unblocked version (sorry for the bad photo but it was taken inside when it was raining).

And here it is being blocked; you can see all the pins needed to pull the points out and to get it all into shape.

This shawl will be lovely to wear on a Spring or Autumn day/evening; it is lovely and light but warm.  The pattern doesn’t get lost in the colour, which I have seen some do and I love the light grey colour of the yarn.

My next project is a bit more challenging with colour work and making mittens, with neither of these being done before.

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