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Well it is all about the littlies lately!

Lola.. Lola is the cutest little munchkin you could ever meet.  She is the little one who received this blanket I made in 2016 and is the daughter of a former colleague, Emma. Prior to Emma leaving last year to look after Lola full-time I decided that I wanted to make her a little backpack (for Lola that is, not Emma).  I stumbled on a pattern when I was on Made by Rae’s website buying a pdf pattern for myself. It was so cute, I just had to make one.

As you can see by my other posts, I have a penchant for making bags etc. It’s my thang..


Off I went one weekend to gather my supplies. I found the fabric at Spotlight along with the bits and bobs to make the piping.  I couldn’t land on a colour of the ready made stuff, so bought some rope and bias binding.  This stuff is quite tricky to make.  But my little Singer has a great foot where I can get quite close up to the rope and stitch. Some places are a bit dodgy though so don’t look too close!.

I already had the interfacing as I have a stash of this from other bags I have made. Unfortunately after washing the fabric, it lost its original stiffness and in hindsight I should have put two layers of the SF101 interfacing; it’s just not as stiff as I would have liked it and therefore the backpack sags. But I’m pretty sure a 2 year old won’t be carrying anything real heavy in it.

I had some leftover denim that I used for something else and thought every little girl needs a bit of edge to her outfit.. so I decided to use this for the quilted/padded bottom along with the straps.

Once the fabric was all washed I proceeded to cut all the pieces out.  For such a small thing, there were so many pieces – 21 in total! This included the lining as I decided to line it instead of sewing bias binding on the inside seams (read I suck at sewing on bias binding of any sort). I did have a few moments where I realised I had cut out a few wrong pieces..


Sewing this up was pretty straight forward but at the same time tricky.  Sewing on the piping was bloody hard and again don’t look too close as it isn’t the best job.  Sewing up the corners and the top were a pain as well and one of the big panels ended up not fitting properly so there was a bit of grrrr’ing and a few tucks are present.

The bottom panel has a large one that does my head in but I was too far down the track that I couldn’t undo it.  I am not a perfectionist by any means, but I don’t like obvious tucks; at least it is on the bottom (Emma don’t look!).

Sewing up the straps was quite straightforward.  These have a nice thick wool padding in the fabric and are quilted so they will be soft for a little one.  I tried to get snap clips (not sure what you call them) but ended up going with D-rings as I couldn’t find the right size clips. These would have made life a little easier for Mum – sorry Em.

I would have liked to have overlocked the inside seams but was too scared as these were not very deep. My luck I would have chopped a hole somewhere so I didn’t chance it.  The lining was a pain, again because of the shape and this is loaded with tucks. I am pretty sure it was me and the way I placed the curved fabric on my machine that caused all these tucks. Luckily they are all inside.

Sewing the lining in wasn’t exactly fun. You had to sew it in by sewing over the stitching line you stitched for the zipper. Only problem was that this row of stitching was very hard to see as it was white thread on white fabric. I undid this a few times let me tell you.

All in all this wasn’t a hard sew, more fiddly than anything. Some of the instructions weren’t that clear or were kind of missing bits, so I had to guess a few little steps. I also really wish it was a bit more sturdier/stiff, but hey it is what it is. I can’t wait to get a picture of Lola wearing it, she will be so cute. I can’t wait to see what she pops in it?

Next on the list is to cut out and toile a skirt I graded up the other day.  V1247!!

all the best..

Stephanie xx

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