Whilst going through my treatment last year, I completely lost all of my hair and as I hit winter, there wasn’t much more as it had just started to grow back. And I can personally tell you, your head gets cold when you have no hair or even very little.

So as I had some time on my hands, I decided to knit myself a beanie. Now I don’t have a lot of patterns for beanies in my library. Even though I love them, I found that I would get really hot in them due to the thickness of my hair – what a turn around hey?

So, one afternoon I went looking for patterns. Then I remembered that I had some yarn and a pattern picked out that I was going to knit up and take on our trip to Europe in 2018. So I dug into my stash and found the yarn and downloaded the pattern. The pattern is from one of my favourrite designers, Andrea Mowry.

I originally fell in love with the pattern and had bought some other yarn so it would go with the shawl I knitted and took on the trip with me. But as mustard is one of my favourite colours, I decided to go with the same one’s Andrea used. So I ordered some more yarn, the same as in the pattern.

Once the yarn arrived, I jumped right into the project.

Me knitting whilst enjoying some fresh air

As the yarn was DK weight, it didn’t take long to knit it up and I finished it probably in about a couple of weeks. The technique used to create the pattern – herringbone, is called mosaic knitting. Apparently it is a type of colourwork., which I enjoyed doing. It wasn’t hard at all – just some slipping of stitches.

This was also the time I got extremely bad carpal tunnel so had to put it down a few times to give my hands a break.

I got there in the end and after I blocked it, the next decision was, to have a pom pom or not.

Drying in the sun on a balloon!

In the end I went with a pom pom, cause a pom pom! I made mine out of both of the colours which looks pretty good if I say so myself.

I can say that it did keep my noggin warm and that it got worn quite a bit. I might even do another one for this winter in a different colour. Now that I have short hair, I might wear more beanies, more often.


Stephanie x



Brim Cicumference: 19”/48.5 cm || Height: 9”/23 cm


3.75mm circulars (40cm) for Brim, 4.5mm for Main Fabric + Crown Shaping (40cm)


Arbor by Brooklyn Tweed, 100% Targhee Wool

Colours: Thaw – white, Tincture – mustard

132m per 50g skein

I am always drawn to herringbone, and I love how easy it is to create this beautiful colorwork beanie utilizing Mosaic knitting! If you’ve never tried your hand at Mosaic knitting, this is a great introduction!! The only question left is to pompom or not to pompom?!


Andrea Mowry

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