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I like making bags.  I really do.  You see, I have always loved bags; bags of all sorts. This also includes wallets/purses etc and yes I do have a few.

So when I saw a post by Lauren of Lladybird of her backpack by a company called Niizo, I was intrigued. Niizo run an Etsy shop and it is from here you can purchase their stuff.

With their bags, you can buy the kit or just the pattern.  I decided to buy two kits; the Sunny Day Canvas Bag and the Good Idea Coin Purse. They send the kit to you and links for you to download the patterns.  The kits didn’t take that long to get from Taiwan to Sydney and I must say that the kits are very comprehensive.  They include everything you need to make the bag you have selected up.

In my case they were both canvas outers and this is very good quality thick canvas.  With the purse the outside was red with white polka dots and the bag is bright yellow canvas.  The inside of the bag is brown nylon with brown fabric with white polka dots and the purse is a chambray.

You also get the zips, interfacing and you even have the option of getting a leather tag for your projects. You can get your name (up to 9 characters) on this and then pop it onto your bag.  I did put it on my purse but not my bag as I didn’t want Stephanie on the front.  Just thinking about it now, I should have gotten my blog name!


So once I got the fabric, I downloaded the links and cut out the templates first then cut out all the fabric (bag).  You have to trace the pieces out and as there is both lining and outer fabric, this took a bit of time. You only get half of a template, and I wished I had created a whole piece instead of half prior to cutting the fabric out. It wasn’t that much of a drama, just would have made things a little bit easier. Just be mindful there isn’t any scaling when you print out but the sizes are provided, so if you print off at the incorrect size, you will know straightaway.

You are provided with a layout for cutting and there is very little fabric leftover which is good and very little paper used when cutting out the templates..


Once I had all the bits cut out, I then commenced with the sewing. The instructions are pretty good and they come with clear pictures. There was only a couple of times I really had to think about what I was doing. I couldn’t really tell from the images what I was being told to do, but I eventually worked things out.

First thing you sew up is the lining and the pockets. You get a lined zipped pocket. The zip has a nice leather pull and the other pockets are fabric.  You also get a key fob to hang keys on (or anything you wish too).

Once these were completed you then make up two little funky pockets that go inside the bag but at the ends (sides?). Sort of like the pockets you have on the outside of a backpack but inside.

Next was putting in the zip for the outside pocket.  This is one place I struggled with ever so slightly.. but eventually got there.  This is a very cool zip. It is hidden and set in so you can’t see it when you are looking at it side on; all you can see is the tab.  A very nice touch. This pocket is lined with the nylon fabric.


After this  you put all the outer pieces together. The bottom and sides get sewn on the the main fabric (bugger I forgot to take a photo of the bottom – will add one in later) along with the above pocket.

This is probably one of the fiddly bits, but this is probably mostly because of my machine.  My machine doesn’t have a removable neck, so it was a pain going around the sides and the bottom.  I at this point, pulled out my little Brother machine. Once all these bits are together, you then top stitch the outside.

The lining goes in next and again another fiddly area. But everything went together with no real hassles.  You sew around the handles (leaving holes in the top of the handles for later. Once you have sewn it all together, you then pull it out to the right side (you leave a hole in the lining in a earlier step). You sew the top of the handles together (which always does my head in).

Then you top stitch the handles and all around the top of the bag.  I took this slowly and with my walking foot on my machine it came out quite well. Except the yellow shows through to the brown lining and it looks like I was drinking, but I think this was due to the difference in the fabric and the tension underneath.

Before you sew up the hole you left in the lining, you put in the magnetic clips. Done!  Once I ironed it it looked really, really good if I say so myself.  I was really surprised how well this came out.

I have used it already once, and found it a good size.  The only thing I will say is that the handles aren’t big enough to carry it over your shoulder when you have your winter coat on? Not a biggie.

There you go.  I would highly recommend these kits/patterns to anyone who wanted something a little bit different.  I will say that you would need more than basic skills to make this up and that there is a slight level of difficulty to it.  But in saying that – give it a go.

I am looking at getting another bag soon as I love the look of this one and I also like over body bags like this one.  I wear a backpack to work and hate having to keep taking it off and on to get to my wallet and phone. Plus it is cute.

chat soon.


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