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Awhile back a call was put out by a knitter who I follow (and have several patterns from) to be a tester for a jumper she was designing. I decided to give it a go.  I have never tested a knitting pattern before (sewing yes, knitting no) but I thought it would be a good opportunity to better my skills at this craft.

According to the designer, Andrea this is her ideal raglan jumper.  It is a quick knit in stocking stitch with a feature of garter stitch on the sleeves. Her pattern asked for it to be knitted up in a 12 ply but I thought that that was just going to be too hot for Sydney, so after going through my stash, I found some 10ply that would suffice without going too far away from the suggested yarn.

I actually got this yarn ages ago to make up a jumper that I no longer fancy and didn’t particularly like the colour once I saw it in real life (an over the net purchase). I have 13 balls of this yarn, so thought it would be perfect for this.

So once we got the pattern delivered into our in boxes off I went. For those who do not know, the point of this exercise is to test out the instructions of the pattern; to see if they make sense, count/stitches are wrong or right, that everything is tickety boo. For this jumper there are a number of sizes and there were two knitters for each size.  Funnily enough there was another Sydneysider among the mix.

It is knitted top down. That is, you start at the neck and do part of the sleeves, put the sleeves on some spare yarn and carry on with the body. Once you have completed the body, you then pick up the sleeves and knit them and finish with knitting on the collar. It was such an easy knit. I have never knitted this way before, but am definitely going to be doing more of them. So much easier than the traditional way.  I (surprise surprise) have a book in my library of knitting top down – so will be pulling that out and having a good read.

I did have a problem with knitting the raglan seam in some parts. I got these great big gaps that wouldn’t go even after I blocked it.

It only happened on a couple of them and only when I increased a certain way. The other ones are fine. The stitches were knitted (M1L & M1R) as described in all my books etc but they just look yuck.

I have never knitted with this thickness yarn or large sized needles before, so that was a bit of learning curve as well. Not sure if these had anything to do with the way the seams came out.   Anyways.

I also couldn’t get the collar to look nice either. I need to practice picking up stitches as the armholes aren’t too fab either. I also think the sleeves a tad long – note to oneself.

The jumper only took me a couple of weeks to knit up. I did it at night on the couch as well as on the train to and from work. I can see potential with some colour blocking with this jumper; I have something in mind for a future knit. You could easily knit this up in a couple of days if you wanted to.

So folks there you are, a jumper.  Shame we have just gone into spring and a warm one at that…

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