Slowly but surely

Hello there dear readers – it’s been awhile hasn’t it?

Well, I have finally come through the other end of all my treatment and started back to work this week; I am starting back part-time and gradually building up to full-time mid December.

As my breast cancer was hormone positive I have to take hormone blockers and I will be on these for 5 years.  At this stage I don’t seem to have any side effects that a lot of women get.  Fingers crossed it stays this way. I now get checked every 3 or 4 months by one of my multi disciplinary team (they take turns). I am going to the gym on a regular basis trying to get my fitness back.  Chemotherapy just about destroys everything, things like muscle so these need to be rebuilt.

My hands are my biggest concern.  I have numb fingers on both hands with the right hand being the worst, especially the tip of my thumb and middle finger.  Doing things is still uncomfortable; things like typing and picking up things. This has been caused by chemotherapy – either by damaging the nerves or that the nerves were damaged through having carpal tunnel which was caused by the chemo.  Whether or not it is permanent we won’t know for awhile yet.

And fatigue is also present. 3pm everyday is the time I want a nap.. Oh and how can I forget the hot flushes! Fark.

My chemo curls

My hair is growing back nicely albeit curly.  One must be careful what they wish for.  I look like a reject Nanna from the 80’s! People seem to like it but I don’t as much.  Maybe with some length I will feel better with it. At least it is better than no hair.  Through this whole thing I learnt I have as much skills with scarves as I do with hair… a big fat ZERO! God I sucked at it.  The swearing that would come from the bathroom. Let’s say my Mum wouldn’t have been too impressed.

I had all these visions of doing all my crafts whilst off, but in reality I just didn’t feel up to it. Oh I sewed and knitted a few things but not much. A couple of Frocktail outfits, a Closet Case Pouf , a bag and finished off a jacket from knit fabric that I had started last year.

Knitting was difficult with my hands so nothing of any consequence on that front.  I am now back to knitting which is good.

I got into my garden and have a small array of vegetables and flowers.  This probably helped me the most.  Getting outside has done wonders and I am now totally hooked on growing things. There is a lot to learn but I am enjoying it immensely.

I am also going to give this little ol’ blog a makeover – cause that is what I do! I like to fiddle.

My next project/s will be something for work.  I put on a little bit of weight and now I don’t really fit into anything I have. Some simple pants and tops to start off me thinks. Maybe some skirts and dresses for summer as well.

This community has been amazing.  I got pinged all the time by people just checking in on me which meant the world to me.  A lovely friend from Victoria gifted me some lovely bamboo fabric.  She researched that it had good bacterial qualities and cool to wear.

A few of my Sydney friends got together and made me a quilt and gave it to me at Frocktails early this year, which brought me to tears; it was so unexpected. I can tell you that I slept under this quite a number of times, both on the couch and on the bed – it was just perfect for my naps.

I also started to organise my fabric / patterns / notions etc into some sort of order.  I am using an application called Airtable but will leave that for another post. When I realised that I had metres of the same fabric purchased on separate occasions, I knew I needed to do something!

Well just a quick update of where I am at. Good to be back.


Stephanie xx

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  • Avatar
    29 Oct 2019 at 8:19 PM

    So happy to see you again Steph. I hope by the next time we catch up you are fully kicking goals. Take care mate.

    • Stephanie
      17 Dec 2019 at 11:38 AM

      Thanks Christy! Getting there.


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