Once Hubbie and I decided that we would visit Scandinavia for our recent OS trip (Sept/Oct 18), I decided that I would knit a couple of things to take with me to stave off the cold, so into research mode I went.

I decided that I would knit a scarf and a matching beanie.  I was also knitting a jumper but knew that that was going to be too advantageous, but if I finished it in time, I would take it (which I didn’t btw).  So after said research, I decided on the Range Shawl and the Tincture Beanie both by Andrea Mowry, a designer I follow.

Once I had decided on the patterns, selecting the yarn was next. I popped over to the Ravelry site and had a look at what yarn other knitters had used for the shawl. I saw that one knitter used Manos Del Uruguay Maxima and and that she said that it was really soft.  After Googling it, I was lucky enough to find this yarn at my LYS. I popped in one lunch time and chose my colours and yes it was very soft and squishy.

For the beanie, I used the yarn that was used by Andrea and unfortunately I had to order this in from the States as I couldn’t get the colour I wanted here in Australia. The yarn being Brooklyn Tweed Arbor. Whilst I was waiting for this to arrive, I started on the shawl.

The shape is an asymmetrical triangle and has some really nice stitches.  There was one new stitch I had to learn, brioche knitting.  That was fun to say the least. Took me awhile to get the hang of  it but I got there in the end.  As I had decided to go very colourful with mine, it took me awhile to work out which colours went where. In the end I had to draw a sketch up of the shawl and match up my colours with Andreas’, then replace hers. It was all very confusing.

As the yarn was a worsted weight, it didn’t take that long to knit up at all. So once finished, it was blocked and ready for the trip.  In the end it got worn about twice.  We encountered quite warm weather whilst over in Europe and ended up sending most of our winter clothes home halfway through the trip as we were tired of carrying them around when we weren’t wearing them.

As for the beanie? It didn’t get knitted up as I could see that I probably wouldn’t need it (we had been keeping an eye on the weather prior to going).  I will knit it up for this winter as I will probably need it considering I have no hair or may have very little when winter comes around! Something to pop on the to do list.

So some photos:

Brioche Stitch (the horizontally brown & yellow lines)

Tweed stitch (2nd to 4th from the right):

All the best

Stephanie x

Project Details




Andrea Mowry


Wingspan approx 72in/183cm Center depth approx 30.5in/77.5 cm


5mm 100cm circular


Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay, 100% Merino Wool (Fair Trade Merino)

Colours: M2020 – Spirulina, M3340 – French Press, M2175 – Shocking, M2241 – Sand

219yds/200m per .35oz/100g skein

This worsted weight shawl knits up quickly and wraps you up in soft, sturdy warmth. With unique corner-to-corner construction, this asymmetrical triangle shawl is full of texture and a great way to play with color palettes!

Go with naturals for a cozy shawl that matches everything, or play with ombres of your favorite hues!! The texture ranges from simple stockinette stitch, to the more interesting (and addicting) brioche stitch!

The shawl is finished with a beautiful tweed gradient of all the colors you chose.


Andrea Mowry

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  • Avatar
    11 Jan 2019 at 12:11 AM

    So many different stitches and the Brioche stitch is one I want to try one day. I am absolutely hopeless in changing colours and you have manage to do it very effectively.

    • Stephanie
      13 Jan 2019 at 9:21 AM

      It took me ages to get my head around how they should go and I mean ages.


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