Quilt for Clem – Part 1

About 2 months ago, my father in law, Clemente, was placed into a nursing home due to him suffering from dementia and not being able to be cared for at home.

It has been a difficult transition for everyone, especially Clem, but where he now lives is a lovely little place and one which specialises in looking after residents with this awful disease.

Unfortunately due to COVID19, visits have been very far and few between and we haven’t been able to get to his room to personalise it, to make it as comfortable and nice as possible for him. So to get things rolling, I thought I would make him something for his room and as he has a bed, I thought I would make him a quilt.

Now I am not a quilter nor do I want to become one – it is a craft I have no interest in. Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate it as a craft and I have seen some amazing work; it’s just not for me.

So with this is in mind, I wanted to make something that would be simple to put together and not take me forever, so the pattern hunt was on.

Oh my god! There are literally millions of patterns out there on the interweb – it took me weeks to find something that I liked and was simple. The one I eventually landed on is one from the Missouri Star Quilt Co and I actually found it after I stumbled onto their Youtube channel.

Square Dance Quilt

Once I got the pattern sorted, the next thing was fabric! If I thought there were lots of patterns… Wow there is just as much if not more, of fabric – bloody hell. Another mammoth task of trying to find and choose the right fabric and trying to find fabric that is not girlie for a man.

One of the other things I knew I didn’t want, was to be left with little bits of fabric I probably would never use again (I have enough of these already thanks) and I also didn’t particularly want to spend hours cutting bits out. But luckily for me, the above video introduced me to pre-cuts.

As the name suggests, pre-cuts is fabric that has already been cut up into the required width and lengths. Woohoo! Win-win; no cutting and no wasting time. For this quilt I needed a charm pack – 5″ squares, a jelly roll – 2.5″ wide strips and a honey bun – 1.5″ wide strips. Who comes up with these names?

Again, weeks were spent searching for fabric and I eventually landed on this set which came in both a charm pack and a jelly roll.

I also managed to find the honey bun in the colour I wanted (white) elsewhere. I must say that this stuff is not cheap. The jelly roll cost me just over $70 with the honey bun costing $55 – money well spent though, if you ask me.

Now that I have all that I need to get started – time to start sewing. Once I have finished this bit, I need to choose fabric for the border, binding and the back. I will then take it somewhere to get it quilted – I ain’t doing that bit either. Nope.

So, keep watching this space, as well as instagram to see my progress!

Til then.


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