This piece of knitting is my first foray into stranded work and I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I subscribe to a knitting club which is run by the very talented knitter Ysolda Teague. Every 3 months, Ysolda sends a pattern and the yarn for the project for you to make. Ysolda writes the pattern and then sources the yarn from her favourite small British yarnies.

Last year it was about shawls but this year, she is mixing it up a bit.  The first one was a shawl of which I have yet to make up and the second project is this hat with matching fingerless mittens, of which I have yet to knit.

Stranded work is not difficult, it is just matter of making sure you don’t pull on the strands when knitting so that they don’t pull and bunch the design in (when looking from the right side).

There are different ways or methods of holding your yarn, when doing  this type of knitting, but I couldn’t get the hang of knitting with two hands. This is quite a popular method, but I felt more comfortable with dropping the yarns and picking them up. I found quite a few good posts on how to hold the yarn, but I reckon it is going to take a bit of practice as using two hands mean that you knit continental style with one hand and English style with the other and I can’t knit continental style! Oh well just need to practice more.

The hat itself was easy, a garter band which had some clever short rows knitted in so that it scooped down towards the back so it covers your ears.

The yarn is the most gorgeous 100% swedish wool from Skein Queen, and came in two lovely colours. One thing  I did learn from Ysolda’s tips is that depending on how you carry your strands, you can select what colour becomes the dominant colour, either the background or the foreground. Really interesting I reckon.

Unfortunately I picked the wrong size to make for the hat as it is a bit too big, but it was great project to get me started into stranded work. I think I am hooked.

I am still trying to decide if I want to make the mittens up or not.. I might do them at a later time as I need to finish another knitting project by the end of this month. I also have not found the need to wear gloves/mittens this winter, nor a hat for that matter!!

(Please excuse the pictures, but I struggled with getting good ones of the project)

And there you are, one beanie!

Until next time..


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