Another beanie! But this time, it isn’t for me.

Over the Christmas break, some of my family were fortunate enough to spend a week at Thredbo.  Unfortunately for 2.5 days it absolutely teemed with rain, so there was not a lot of outdoor activities going on.  We ended up chatting, drinking and doing jigsaw puzzles.

I took some knitting down and it was here that my brother Timothy discovered I could knit. Whilst I was showing him some of my patterns, he fell in love with the above beanie. Timothy and his wife do a lot of bushwalking/hiking and therefore a beanie is always useful.

Of course, me and my big mouth said, “Yeah I will knit one for you, I already have the yarn for this.”

So when winter decided to roll around, I got a friendly reminder about me saying that… So I knitted him the beanie.

The pattern is from a collection of patterns called Knitworthy 3 and is written by my favourite knitter at the mo, Ysolda Teague. The beanie itself is called Ljós and Ysolda created this pattern with her Nordic neighbours in mind. As soon as I saw it I loved it and when I saw that she had a kit for it, I promptly purchased it (hence why I already had it).

This is my second go at colourwork and I am so enjoying this type of knitting.  It took me probably about a week to knit this up. No dramas to speak of.. only thing was, as there were three colours to work with, there was a lot of weaving in ends after I finished it off.

Once I blocked it I had to make a pom pom for it and would you believe that I have never made one of these before? I sort of had an idea but found a great tutorial on how to make one along with how to attach it once done.

It was only when I was putting the pattern away and reading it, I discovered that I had read the pattern sizing incorrectly.  I thought I was knitting it for a 50cm head, but instead I discovered that the finished measurement was 50cm.  When you knit a beanie it is best to have some negative ease, so it goes over your head nice and snug.  The damn hat is probably too big. Anyways I have sent it down to him with a note to say that I am knitting him another one but a bit smaller. Luckily I have enough yarn (I think) to make another one for him.  At this stage, I haven’t heard from him.

Oh well, good practice.

Here are a few more pics (my hubbie is the model).  Can I say that I think I am more chuffed with the pom pom.. it’s damn good solid one.



(I have spoken with my brother since making the hat and he advised that the hat fitted perfectly. Unfortunately he had to remove the pom pom; he wears the beanie when he goes out taking photos really early in the morning, and because he wears a hoodie, it made it hard to wear the hood over the beanie).





Ysolda Teague


50cm (finished circumference)


3.5mm / 3.75mm circular needles


S Twist Wool – From Galway to Shetland Gradient, 100% wool

320yds/300m, 100g

The hat is worked from the bottom up with decreases incorporated into the colourwork pattern, as it is on those yokes, creating a particularly appealing crown pattern.

There are a few rounds using three colours, which can be tricky, but take them slowly and I think you’ll find the resulting blending of shades is worth it.


Ysolda Teague

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