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Hello my lovelies, it’s been awhile between posts hasn’t it?  So where have I been and what have I been up to?  Well lots of things. And Life. Life just got in the way.

One thing I did do, helped me get out of the “place” I have been for the last few years.  I mentioned in this post that I had been struggling to sew for a couple of years due to menopause and my weight gain and changed body.  Well awhile back I noticed the gorgeous Michelle Law in my Instagram feed, which also had a link to a blog post.

She talked about how she had lost her sewjo and how she had lost her sparkle and was letting people tread over her.  Along with talking about her sewing philosophy, she also mentioned that she had just gone through a programme called Stasia’s Style School and how it changed her life. I made a comment on her post and also mentioned that maybe I should check this style school out. I did. I signed up. It changed MY life.

Stasia’s Style School is a 5 week programme where you and a bunch of other girls who are struggling with things just like you who need help in finding how we want the world to see us. We had a main topic every week and had to do an exercise every day.  You are in a private facebook group and you get to know these girls very quickly.  You hear their stories, you tell your story and you become tight.  You do things you wouldn’t ever dream of doing.  I stood in my knickers and bra and 36 other women saw me – we all did it.  This exercise was about learning what shape you are; I am a triangle (we don’t do fruit) whose torso is longer than her bottom half (I never knew).

We discussed body confidence.  This was the big one for me. I can’t say what or when but BOOM something struck a chord with me and I could see myself so differently.  So much that that week I went to the local pool and did an aqua aerobics class. Big whoop you say.  Big whoop indeed. You see, I haven’t been in public in my bathers for over 15 years. Yep. It was a big f****g deal indeed. My bathers were a bit too small but I sat there waiting for my class and looked around. Noone was looking at me, there were all shapes and sizes there, noone gave a flying fig. I now go twice a week to these classes – I can even get into the water under 5 seconds as opposed to 5 hours. I even bought a new expensive pair of bathers.  A bikini is next cause I tell you what.. if you are a triangle less is best on the bottom.

I have also started to look after myself and have started a strength programme with the aid of a coach.

We found our power colours and our power words. I had mine fairly early on but I am now rethinking them. We talked about accessorising and how they make an outfit. I rediscovered my love of earrings and bangles/bracelets along with nail polish.

We also curated our wardrobes/closets.  I didn’t actually do this bit as my wardrobe is already very thin from having decluttered awhile back.

I discovered that I love red – all over.  I bought a dress the other week – red with white polka dots. I also rediscovered my love of colour.  One of the exercises we had to do was write down our fashion history and what outfits we could remember wearing when we grew up. I wrote 10 pages; once I started I couldn’t stop. I remembered the yellow and lilac hot pants I wore when I was around 6, I remembered the long purple velvet dress when I was 10. The bright yellow polished cotton baggy overalls with turquoise shoes when I was 16. The inappropriate tshirt I used to wear when I was 17 – I used to be brave with what I wore. I had become bland, I had faded into the background.

I still don’t have any clothes in my wardrobe but the ideas that are whirling around my head!!!! I will be taking it slow as I still want to make a curated wardrobe; I just need to rethink it now.  I also want to use my stash, make quality clothes that will last. I don’t need a lot in my wardrobe. I will be thoughtful and I will enjoy this time.  I also don’t need to make everything. I don’t have the time nor the inclination as I have other hobbies that I want to spend time on. And what I purchase will be conscience decision and take into account the environment etc. I have started revisiting op shops again as well.

I want to get my stash down.  I have made bad bad fabric choices and am taking a stack of fabric to the next Sydney Spoolettes fabric swap  – so much it is embarrassing. I also need to stop buying every new pattern when they come out..






Steff’s back baby!!

And I know now that I shouldn’t wear cropped pants – they make my legs look shorter.

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  • Avatar
    18 Mar 2018 at 9:53 AM

    I know you’ve been struggling with your sewing and clothing choices lately, but I would never describe you as bland! I’m looking forward to seeing your future wardrobe

    • Stephanie
      22 Mar 2018 at 11:16 PM

      Thanks Kristy, I certainly have been feeling bland. Hopefully this is about to change.


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