One of the things I want to do with my sewing this year, is to put more thought into what I actually make; to make a more cohesive wardrobe.

The last few years have been a dismal failure in this regard; nothing goes with anything.

My first make of the year was an outfit for Frocktails.  So after some thought and a change of mind, I decided to make a simple dress with a simple jacket.

For the jacket, I wanted to use some fabric that I purchased a few years back when I was in Paris for my 50th birthday.  It is a lovely light cotton with an interesting pattern and drawings on it.

I was going to make a long jacket but as I wanted to fussy cut it I didn’t have enough in the end, so after scouring my pattern stash and the internet, I decided on the Sew Over It London Kimono.

Once I had decided on the jacket, I traced the pattern as I wanted to have full pieces due to the fussy cutting to get the look I wanted.

The Fabric

When I first saw this fabric, it was the figures/people that caught my eye. I purchased it with absolutely no idea as to how I was going to use it.

When Frocktails was announced, I decided that I wanted to use this fabric and that I wanted to showcase the “figures” and decided that a jacket would be perfect.

I then decided to place them at the front of the jacket as well as on the front of the sleeves.

Once the pieces were cut out, sewing commenced. As the fabric frayed quite easily I french seamed all the seams. The underarms posed a slight issue due to them being curved.

This part took awhile only due to the nature of the french seams. Next were the hems and collar.

I machine stitched the hems of the sleeves. I did make a slight deviation from the original instructions only because of the fraying. I double turned and created a narrow hem to hide the edges then turned it up again for the deep hem, keeping to the same overall length.

The hem of the jacket was next and I then hand sewed this up instead of machine stitching it.  I did do this at first but didn’t like the look of it so unpicked it and handed sewed it in place.

The collar was machined sew on then when turned over I slipped stitched in place. The instructions also gave instructions to machine stitch it but I knew that this would not look good.

(In retrospect, I should should slipped stitched the hem as well instead of using a catch stitch. I think I will undo this and redo it).

Back of Jacket

Here you can see that the back is very different from the front.

I wanted to try and capture the blue and the splash of bronze along with zigzags and dots all together and the only place for this was the back.

I then placed the weird stripes at the back of the sleeves as a contrast.

Front of Jacket

Here you can see the front with figures on both front panels along with the sleeves.

As you can see, the stripes are part of the figures and this continues from the shoulders over to the back.

Overall I am really happy with this jacket.  Once I fix up the hem, it will be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

I have a couple of pants that it will go with and the dress I made to go with it for Frocktails, so that is 3 more outfits I didn’t have prior! A tick for this years challenge (my own little challenge).

I am making a pair of white linen pants that it will look nice with but I do need to make a top to go underneath it (TBD).

Until next time.

Stephanie x

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