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Recently whilst on holidays I was contact by Amy from Niizo Crafts to see if I would like to sew up a purse of hers.  Amy sells patterns and kits through Etsy as well via a chinese website and I have already made up a couple of her bags (here  & here).

To say I was a tad excited would be a slight understatement as I have had my eye on this wallet for awhile after seeing it on her Instagram account (it wasn’t sold on the Etsy site).

After saying YES and picking out the colour I wanted, I waited for the kit to arrive once I got home from my trip OS.

(this post is picture heavy)

The kit comes beautifully packed; even comes with a birth certificate.  It comes with everything you need to construct your item.  I chose a green exterior with a brown interior with the fabric being a very good quality canvas with the inner a polyester.

The hardware is also of high quality.  One of the nice little things with Amy’s kits is that you can get your name (or whatever you like) stamped on the leather tab if it is part of the kit.  For my kit, I received the above fabric, two zips, magnetic fasteners, my leather tab and the swivels for the strap and the needle and thread to sew up the leather tab.

So finally having a weekend with nothing on, I started to sew it up.  I first cut out the pattern pieces of which there were 10.  The big pieces are in half, so when you go to cut them out, you trace and then flip the piece over and do the other half.  I always trace  all my pieces first then cut.

I normally just trace the corners and then draw in the sides afterwards.

Then once it has all been traced, the pieces were then all cut out. I number the cut pieces on the wrong side and then write the number on the pattern pieces on the pattern layout so I don’t go sewing up the wrong bits!

For some of the pieces I used the little clips that quilters use; these are brilliant if you don’t already use them.  For the polyester pieces, I also used thin pins.

The next step is just following the very clear and well documented instructions (lots of pictures as well). I used my Microsoft Surface and was able to zoom in when and where I needed.

I made a rookie mistake with the first lot of slots for your cards, so had to unpick this all and redo it (I sewed the tiny seam at the top, but didn’t check to see if the sides were lined up so one lot was slightly skewed and it didn’t go together properly.

My suggestion when making anything like this up is to take your time and don’t rush and don’t skimp on anything.  It is very easy for your project to not be quite right. I did take my time but one little piece at the end didn’t quite end up like it should; not sure what happened.

Anyways. after awhile you get to see a purse starting to form, which is very exciting.

Once you are done, you then need to do some turning inside out, which always freaks me out as I am worried that a) I can’t get it right way round, or b) I will tear/split something.  This time I made sure I secured the seam at both sides where the hole is that you pull everything through, so phew all good this time.

The last bits are the real fiddly bits. My main machine doesn’t have a removable neck so it is quite a squeeze to topstitch the gussets between the back and front. This is where I didn’t have enough fabric to turn over and topstitch, so I just hand stitched with a ladder stitch and then top stitched it – worked fine.

Voila a wallet!

I have been using this wallet for a few days now and as the canvas is thick it is a bit stiff, but over time it will soften (I have made a small little purse from Amy awhile back and it has softened up beautifully). It fits everything in it I need, even my phone which is not a small one.

And to celebrate the release of this wallet into her Etsy store, Amy is giving you a couple of discounts! How good is that!

?From 1 to 13th of December you can get 10% off all her products and to get 15% off when you spend over US$15, find the coupon code in the following image?

Head off over to her store via this link.

For more hints and clues, head over to one to these lovelies; Lauren at Lladybird (one of my faves, she has a potty mouth just like me 😮 ) and Trine on Instagram here.  You just need to work out the code to get the 15% off.

I highly recommend these kits, so grab one (or two) whilst you can.. I am eyeing off this! Ok who are we kidding, I am so going to get it.

So here is the finished product

What are you waiting for?  Off you go!


Stephanie xx

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