A sudden turn of events

“I suppose you are going to blog about it?” one of my brothers said the other day.

“No I am not” I quickly replied.

Then I thought about it and what “blog about it” meant and I have been thinking about it for a number of days now.

First I need to give you some context to the above. For those who haven’t seen my instagram feed and this post, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. 


I found a lump on my left breast early September prior to going on our recent overseas holiday. Once I came back I got it investigated and on the 27th of November, I got the results pretty much straight away after having a fine needle and core biopsy done.

I have a 3cm grade 3 lump in my left breast, there you go.

Because of the size and the grade, things were moved along quite quickly. I had what they call a portacath inserted which is a little thing that sits under my skin on my right chest so they can give me my medication easily, take blood and save my veins. 

I am having what they refer to as neoadjuvant chemotherapy; reduce the size of the lump to save the #ittybittytitty before surgery, then I will have radiation after surgery. This will take around 9 months to go through at this stage. 

I had my first lot of chemo on Monday and so far so good.  No nausea, just a weird sensation going through my body (hello poison) and food has started to taste differently. 

I am having what they refer to as FEC-D (initials of medications). FEC is done first with 3 sessions, then the D for another 3 sessions. 

But to get back to the point of this post.  

Will I blog about it? Probably/maybe/who knows. But I will blog with it. I will more than probably lose most or all of my hair and may have it shaved off.

Above is me today in the raw, day 4 after chemo as I write this post.

By blogging about it is that I hope to continue to sew and knit and do all the other things I enjoy. Will I take photos of me with or without hair, with scarves on etc. I don’t know. 

I don’t know what is coming for me. I don’t know how I will react or feel, only time will tell.

Sewing and knitting are my comfort food and I will fight tooth and nail to continue doing them. I am sure there will be days where I just won’t have the energy, but knowing that they are waiting in the wings… that is all I need.

(read this post that was recommended to me by one of my IG followers)

I have elected to take the time off while I get treated and heal. I need this time to focus on me, and to be allowed to be in the moment of “now”.

I am lucky I have a good prognosis, there is no other thought in my head other that I will get through this (just have to do the hard yards first though) and life will go on. 

Yes it will be different but it will go on.

Check your boobs

Stephanie xx

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