A New Year

Dear 2017,

I only knew you for 12 months but boy were you an interesting ride.  You threw me some challenges, some that I took on and others, well you were just too clever.

You were such a mixed bag.  I struggled workwise in 2016, but found my groove in you – nailed it! Personal wise, I struggled (and continue to do so) with my weight and somewhere along the road I lost my self confidence and this made sewing a struggle.  Oh I sewed a few things, things that didn’t need to go on this body, this body that has changed so much over the last few years that it feels and looks foreign.

I retreated inwards for awhile, and even shed a few tears. I had all the good intentions but I just couldn’t find the traction that I needed to move. I knew that I needed to do something, and that I needed to put a plan in place. Something that would last and one that is totally doable. You see, I have a very bad habit of going with all guns blazing and too hard, too fast that I give up in a couple of months;  I needed something that would be sustainable for the long term.

So yes, I do have a plan.  It may take me longer than your mate 2018 but be warned, I will be kicking its sorry arse. You see I have done some soul searching, read some stuff and have a clearer view as to how things will be.

I noticed that every year, some people pick a word that represents the coming year, but for your mate, I have picked a quote:

Be Bold, Be Italic, never Regular.

So tell your friend 2018 to be kind. I know it won’t be an easy trip, but together we can make it the best year ever, if not the beginning of a fantastic journey.

So to help sign off, here is a quote from me to the other sewers who are struggling as well.

Measurements are just a point of information for us to look fabulous!

Keep your face to the sun


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