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Well hello there my lovelies!

You may recall that in a post a few months back, I mentioned that I haven’t been sewing clothes of late and that there are a few reasons for this.  Since that post, I have done a bit of thinking, a bit of soul searching and through this process, I have decided to make a few changes.

To put this story into context I need to tell it in three parts. These three parts are all connected and have made an impact to where I am now and the change in direction I want to make.

Part 1 – Change of Life

For this part, we need to go back a few years, 6 to be exact.  At 46 years old, I became what is known as, perimenopausal – I was starting to go through menopause.

Since then I have suffered terribly with hot flushes (or flashes, depending on where you live), weight gain and sleeping badly.  Over the last 2-3 years my body shape has changed a fair bit, and in a direction I don’t really like. I have never had a body image issue, but have sort of, of late and have struggled with my mind over this.  I don’t really like the way I look at the moment and that therefore has hampered my sewing.

It’s not about me wishing I was 6ft tall and skinny but more about the tummy, or as I like to call it my meno-pot, and the extra layer of fat I have suddenly acquired.  Also my motivation to do something about it has also been at an all time low.  I am easing myself into a fitness regime that I hope will help me get a little bit fitter, help lose a few kilos and hopefully help me feel a bit better about myself.

It has been an interesting stage of life I can tell you. There is no norm, everyone goes through it so differently.  I have two older sisters who got absolutely nothing. It is also hard to explain to people what you are going through and it is definitely a subject that is not talked about. It affected my work last year, so much that I totally bumbled my way through 2015/16.

But I am starting to come through the otherside. I have been referred to a specialist who has helped immensely and the fog I was in is starting to lift. It is now just about me reconciling with myself with the way I look and feel.

Part 2 – Good Intentions

For this part, we need to go back about two years.  Over 14/15 Christmas period, I totally cleaned out my wardrobe with the declaration “I am going to fill my wardrobe with me mades!” It was just after this that I fell into my slump because of Part 1 and therefore no clothes got made.

I have for the last two or so years, been wearing the same 4 dresses, 2 trousers and a couple of tops – winter and summer. It is now a very sad state of affairs.  As I put on weight, I didn’t want to make clothes if I was then going to lose weight and I certainly didn’t want to make clothes if I didn’t feel good about myself.

Oh I did make a couple of things along the way, but there were really one offs or things that I couldn’t wear on a regular basis. I decided that something needed to happen and soon; I couldn’t go on like this forever.

Part 3 – Change of Heart

This part is about the now.  As I have gotten older, I have found that my priorities have changed. My only child moved out last year (I got a room totally for me) so life has changed at home.

My husband works 100% from home which has also changed things. He does the washing etc during the week and we are lucky enough to be able to afford a cleaner once a week.  This now gives us so much free time to do the things we enjoy doing on the weekends – we still both work full time.  We love going on walks, going to the theatre etc and going away for weekends. We also just love bumming around home.

Our need for “things” have also changed. We are trying to make a small impact of the way we do things environmentally.  We recycle, we have a worm farm for our scraps, we have solar panels on our roof and hopefully in October we will get a battery wall installed. We have for a number of years made our house as environmentally friendly with our light bulbs etc, how and when we use our power.

This is where my sewing comes in. I have taken a dislike to fast fashion and what it is doing for the environment. This also translates to fabric and how many clothes we have.  Fabric is a tough one in that the supply chain for most of this is unknown. But I can help with how much I put in my wardrobe.

To combat this I did some research into how I want my wardrobe to be and after much thought, have decided that a capsule wardrobe is probably best for me.  I am a creature of habit (and a bit lazy!!) and I have never really placed much value on “what is in fashion” or not. Well I do a little bit – there are some things that just should never, ever rear their ugly heads again.

My next thing was to work out what to put in my wardrobe. Again through my research I landed on two books to help me.

The first one is “The Capsule Wardrobe” by Wendy Mak. Wendy is a Sydney based stylist who believes that with 30 pieces you can get 1,000 outfits – she has some great ideas/tips and after reading this book,  I also enrolled in her online course about styling etc.


The second book I read is “The Curated Closet” by Anuschka Rees.  Anushka has been around for awhile and had a blog called “Into Mind”. I also found this book to be very good and very informative.

With this book, you can purchase a worksheet to help you when you go through the book; this I did and found that it helped immensely.

I will talk about these books in future posts, especially for “The Curated Closet” as there was a lot of work involved with this one.

I have also done some looking into how bad the fashion industry is, which I will share down the track as it is a bit mind boggling.

Now to my reference about how Hubbie and I spend our weekends.  This has changed how often I sew.  I have other hobbies that I would like to get into more.  I knit which some of you know and I also enjoy photography.  I want to spend more time on this as this is one of those hobbies you need to practice, practice, practice at.

This all leads to the point of this post.  I will be changing my blog a bit.  I have taken down most of my old posts as I didn’t like them and I will focus on my wardrobe building and post about that. There will be posts on my makes that are not necessarily wardrobe fillers,  but not on everything I make; you don’t need to see them all. It will be slow to start off with, but hopefully I will find a rhythm.

Sorry for the long winded post and thank you for reading.


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